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A safe space to learn and grow in this wild evolving world of Artificial Inteligence.

who is this guy 👉🏻

Yo! I'm Jim

A passionate founder, public speaker, Fortune 15 consultant & AI strategist/specialist.

And Tech Is My Love Language

With multiple six and seven figure businesses in tech & content, I specialize in advising brands, experts & leaders on maximizing growth using content & technology.Focusing on AI, tech expertise & business growth, I mentor scaling entrepreneurs through Fast Foundations, and this Slack community is one of my favorite ways to do that. Setting you up for success to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in your daily lives & businesses is my focus.Proud #girldad, lover of coffee, and dad joke aficionado, I guide my clients, challenge & unblock their biggest challenges in a simple & actionable form.

and if you are AI curious...

You Belong Here

My goal for this community is not to have it grow to thousands and be full of junk. When you join, you're part of a core group of enthusiasts, and I post the best I find weekly for you.

This is for..

  • Entrepreneurs & Leaders:
    You're building or growing a business, big or small and want that edge for your company.

  • Developers & Engineers:
    You're my people 🙌🏻 Let's talk tech and explore ideas.

  • The AI Curious:
    You don't have to own, run or build a business to take advantage of AI. Let's find ways to make a busy mom's life easier and set yourself up for your next move.

🤔 feel like it may not be the right place for you? Shoot me a DM

And Slack is Just The Start

Here's more of what you can expect with this community

  • Networking and Collaborations:
    Connect with AI professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas and form partnerships.

  • AI Insights:
    I'm constantly connected to this industry - as I find the best new updates, I share these resources on integrating AI into businesses.

  • AI Tool Showcase:
    Chat with me and others about the best AI Tools to find the next best time-saver from my directory of over 500+.

  • Quarterly Q&A with Jim:
    Scheduled in advance, join me live for office hours to talk about tools, strategies, and hang.

  • AI Ethics and Future Trends:
    We take this seriously, and I share the best non-biased updates for you to consider how they affect your organization.

  • Welcome Call:
    Every new member gets a 20 min 1:1 with me to be sure the community can support you the best!

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What You're Getting:

  • Networking & Collaborations

  • AI Insights & Tools Showcase

  • Quarterly Q&A with Jim

  • 1:1 Welcome Call with Jim

  • Don't Fall Behind with AI


Questions Which Are Frequent

  • Is there Free Trial?:
    Absolutley. Each new account gets a 3 day trial to check it out and meet me and the community.

  • Is the intro call with you a coaching call:
    It's hard for me to not help you out. I plan on learning about you and helping as much as I can manage in our connect call

  • What happens if I can't make the monthly Office Hours Call:
    The recap video will be posted in the community, along with AI notes.

  • Can I cancel anytime:
    That's the 🚫🐂💩 part, absolutely. There's no hard feelings and you never have to talk to me. You're in control.

  • What's the time commitment:
    It's whatever you have or choose to contribute. The community is only as strong as it's members, and while I'll be posting for you every week, there are no requirements of members.

  • Still On The Fence?
    Slide into a DM 👇🏻

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